The Grammys

"I think I stayed up too late last night watching the Grammys..."

So yeah, I may have pulled a Kiwi and stayed up a bit too late last night watching the Grammys...This is weird all around because I NEVER watch the Grammys. I just listen for people to tell me about whatever kick ass performance they saw and then I YouTube that ish. Saves me oodles of hours. I had to watch this year, though because of Whitney's passing. I'm not trying to immerse myself in the morbidity of it all, but she was just SUCH a part of my personal story.

The first time I saw her hopping around on TV she had long blond, somewhat curly hair and I immediately thought she was like me. We were the only two mixed girls in the world and she was therefore my TV best friend. I did find out she was indeed not mixed, but by then I didn't choose my best friends based on their similarities to me so she remained on that pedestal until she married B.B. and started preaching on about crack being whack.

...Never stopped loving that voice though.

So what did I think of the Grammys? Felt like they honored Whitney well...I wanted to see some of the old school greats sing/talk about her, but I understood it was short notice.

Best Performance: Rihanna. Hands down. That girl can dance! And I actually dug her whole biker chick-ish look. I think that's how you'd describe it...

Worst Performance: Nicki Minaj. Hands down. What in Hades was that?! I think Lady Gaga was sitting in the audience suffering from a mixture of butt twitches and delight. Nicki was obviously trying to go all theatricality, but sadly and obviously missed the damn boat. She needs to find her own groove quickly...I felt bewildered after watching her weird little Roman thing. What the heck was that?! I'm still upset at that ish. Trying too hard...TOO HARD!

The commercials were pretty darn good, too! I loved the Chipotle one. I downloaded Willie's take on The Scientist immediately. If Willie says we should go back to the start, I'm going back to the start!!!

That was about it for me. Wasn't terrible TV, but not sure I'll watch next year. Just not my bag I guess.


  1. I thought the same thing about Whitney Houston when I was a little girl watching the "How Will I Know?" video. I thought she as like me, so I loved her!

  2. lol! Ahhh! I love that you thought the same! I swear every little mixed girl thought she was the only one lol


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