Have I ever told you that I'm an emotional sponge?

I'm the type of gal who can be happier than Whitney Houston at a crack house, only to fall into a deep sadness the minute someone walks into the room with puffy eyes from crying. I don't know if it's empathy, or some hippidy dippidy thing that's beyond words, but I just am super duper sensitive when it comes to the energy bouncing around in a room.

That being said, I just came out of a stupendous stoup of negative angst due to the fact that I had defriended someone back in July and the negative energy circling that just wouldn't go away. Everyone was constantly talking about it...asking me questions...telling me stuff that would get me riled up all over again.

It was TOO much. I got to a point where I was praying and writing "Peace" in my journal every night for an entire month. I just didn't want such negativity in my life. Sure the friendship may have been over, but that didn't mean I wanted to sneer and butt twitch every time her name was brought up. That's terrible!

(And dishonest...if someone has that much power in your thoughts you need to really assess what's truly going on, why you defriended, etc.)

So that chick and I talked...and talked...and talked a lot more. We spent a couple hours one night going over (in person) why things had happened, what stirred the pot and got stuff nasty heated...all of it. I was hella vulnerable. I was as honest as honest comes and told her the whole nitty gritty. I mean, what's the point of lying if you're sick of the way things are. Be strong, put it all out there and clear the darn air.

...And it worked! I have peace! We're civil now. We're kind and we're considerate and that's definitely helped the peace in my soul start to expand and grow.

It feels so good to takea look at myself and figure out where I need(ed) to improve. SERIOUSLY!


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