Things currently scaring the pee pee out of me

  • Improv acting classes. I've never been to an improv class so I'm scared to get up in front of people who have done that kind of ish before. I'm so rusty with acting stuff...The worst thing for an actor in training is to stand before her peers and watch them as they silently question why the heck you're doing what you're doing.

  • That movie coming out this Friday, The Woman in Black. It looks terrifying. And why must Harry Potter rebel against being type cast and do such totally different roles? I need him to stick to the sweet ish.

  • My Laziness. I swear I can't seem to do anything lately. I can't write for FBG. I can't read the book club selection that's due this Saturday. I'm a hot, lazy mess.


  1. Must watch that movie this weekend. It looks so creepy and so good. The good thing is, if you can't shake your laziness any time soon, you already read The Alchemist. We'll point out the Highlights to remind you. Don't worry, be Happy.

  2. You're not even going to SEE Woman in Black... *sigh*
    If it's really damn good (as it looks), I may strap you to a chair to watch it ;)

  3. I have to read the rest of the book Meli! It's teaching me different ish this time around.

    @Brigid...everytime the commercial comes on I shut my eyes really tight! If I hear that damn poem anymore they may have to commit me.


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