Clever or Lazy?

Sometimes I stress hard core about what to prepare for the week...what to cook/having the time to cook it/blah blah blah...

Jersey is always telling me I stress too much and he'd be fine if I didn't cook. He gives me that whole, "I cooked before you. I will cook again!" pep talk.

Last night I went to that improv class from 8 to 10pm. I totally expected there to be food when I got home, but there was nada. I went upstairs and asked the poor guy what he had eaten...peanut brittle. He had eaten peanut brittle for dinner.


Is this some sort of thing men do to trick us into being like their mamas?! I ended up having to stay up hella late to make food for dinner and my lunch for the next day. Men are either really lazy or hella smart.

I haven't figured out which one he is just yet...


  1. haha! This is hilarious! And I stress out about meals too. Totally!

  2. Have you figured out if they're smart or fart?


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