Boy Crush!

I met Jeremiah from the Rachel Zoe Project at Bob Harper's party and boy was I a drooling, hot tranny mess! I can't help it. I totally created an imaginary relationship with the poor lad after watching him on one of my favorite shows. 
At first I didn't like him. I admit it. Just thought it a tad weird he was hired with no experience..Hubby Rodger called Rachel out on it and said he was dreamy and cute and fun and THAT'S why she hired him. Ding! Ding! Ding! Pretty people always get the worm, damn it. 

Then he grew on me. His aesthetic is sooo beautiful. He manages to keep some Jeremiah-ish integrity while giving folks what they want/need. I'd say it's elegant, organic, masculine splendor. Can you even describe home design that way? I don't know, but I did!

...And for the record he wants babies and I told him he can do a swirly with Jersey's spermies so that I can keep him in my life. I would totally use my boo. Don't think I wouldn't.

The beautiful betty on the right is his bestie, Julie. She told me to try the bar method and a Brazilian workout proven to make me bootylicious. Heyyyy. 

Beautiful darn besties...If they weren't so sweet I probably would have told them to get the rose martinis...(That drink was really strong and bad...but they were awesome sauce so I recommended the Hermes...only in Hollywood, people!)


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