Bethany Ever After

I don't know if it's wise to ever turn to Bravo (everything's naughty, brain rotting addictive) but I did anyway and of course I found a show that I love, LOVE LOOOOOVE.

Bethany Ever After is so frickin hilarious, honest and charming to boot. When she told her audience she doesn't know how to do celebrity (while footage ran of her getting out of a limo and sharing her white panties with the world) I fell in love.

She's human and real...something that I would never say about anything on reality TV. Come on now...

She's great. I would groupie the shat out of her if I ever saw her in person. Who knew she was the head honcho behind Skinny Girl ish. I have yet to try any of that liquor, but I'll try the sangria just because she is my new TV BFF. That's just what you do for your try their ish and try things from their world.

It's like when I visited Twinkie in DC. I tried mango sticky rice. Seeeeee!

She's just swell and FEIST-AY!...and can I just say I LOVE her food blogger, Nick...with his awkwardly awkward self.


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