Bag Lady

I'm weird about bags. It takes me forever to find one I like. When I do find one I'll rock that ish to its demise. Secretly I wish I were one of those girls that rocked bags based on the daily outfit, but when push comes to shove I'm lazy as I lack creativity when it comes to me and my style ish.

While I was in Mammoth (sans TV) I found this bad boy. The first bag in a long time I actually drooled over. It's a Furla in dark grey. I have named him Furbie.


  1. I pretty much use only one purse. I have one bag and use it every day until it falls apart and then I replace it with another one that I'll wear out. I'm not a matching-purse type of chick. I don't have the desire or energy to change purses to match my outfit. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


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