2012 Playlist │ Current Jams

Because of my Coachella prepping, I've been introduced to a whole new slew of tunes. I usually listen to Pandora, NPR or my oldie, but goodie iPod so it's great to hear new stuff.

Currently I'm blasting:

  1. Raggamuffin, Selah Sue
  2. Crazy Vibes, Selah Sue
  3. I Need, Maverick Sabre
  4. Hold it Against Me, Taio Cruz
  5. Gangsta, Tune Yards
  6. Ritual Union, Little Dragon
  7. For Emma, Bon Iver
  8. 212, Azealia Banks
  9. The Scientist, Willie Nelson


  1. Not all of those people will be at Coachella. You need to listen to Coachella artists! Am I gonna have to mail you some CDs, woman!?!?

  2. Yeah...No clue when Jersey will have my laptop back to me. :(


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