Taste in Heroines

The Goyles: Wendy Wonderful, Celina Sunshine, Meli Mellifluous and Glenda Gladiola

The Event: Book Club

The 411: It was groovy baby...

On Saturday the goyles met up at my place for our monthly book discussion. Like Water for Chocolate wasn't one of our favorites, I have to say. We're modern girls that twitch at tradition. Tita (the main character) was really trippin' over her daughter duties...the goyles weren't really a fan of dutiful obligation. (They made me so proud.)

*We've decided we need some stronger female characters in our lives...I swear you can totally measure a woman's gangster by her taste in heroines.

Wendy brought these bad boys from Pastries by Edie

We went through 2 1/2 bottles of champagne. This is our sanctuary of fun!

I got a wee bit theme-y for the party. In the book Tita uses rose petals to make a quail dish. Aren't I cute?

The movie was sexy and educational lol...
There had to be chocolate...

*PS While Tita made my arse twitch,  this book isn't a total waste. The magical realism is enchanting to boot.


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