Style Me Rotten

It's no secret that I'm inept when it comes to styling and all that girly stuff. While I appreciate seeing a gal rock a good outfit, it's just not really my thing. It only becomes an issue when I have to go somewhere that requires me to dress up. Then I shit a brick. : )

Luckily, I have friends who are stylish and then some. Celina arrived at my place early Sunday morning. We had some pumpkin bolani and tea and then we were off to my favorite little secret fashion find.

We giggled and squealed on our somewhat long drive out there and then jumped through the doors of the boutique. The owner styled me herself and made me feel like a princess. (I have a black tie wedding event next weekend. Have to look my bestest!)

Not only that, I found an Escada belt that made me drool and a frickin' mod-inspired dress that I can't wait to wear. According to Celina we pulled out all the "belts and whistles." She's a clever minx isn't she?!

So...I was girly for a day! Weeeeeeeee!

A vintage cornucopia

I was dying over these beauties


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