Sol Salon

My gal pal, Vanessa, is the genius behind most of my makeup jobs I do for photo shoots. She was my first pal in Los we decided to meet up is still beyond what I can fathom. (So many weirdos out there! So trusting we were!)

She recently took a break from working on studio sets and got a gig working at a hair salon in Culver City called Sol basically now she's a triple threat: makeup artist, hair guru and stylist. She said she could cut my hair, but EVERYONE says they can cut my hair and we know that's not true but this chick really did give me the best cut I've ever had out here in LA...and I've been to the salon that does Halle Berry's head!

She did my hair and Jersey's head...which I was really thinking would be a hot mess to work with, but she did the darn thing and made that boy look debonair to boot.

So now we're life long groupies of Vanessa. If she can mess with my curly Jesus mop AND tough crazy Filipino hair then she's the bomb and then some!


  1. No before and after pictures? Booooo!

  2. Nope! He always had a hat on lol you look on Facebook for my after!

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