Skin Food

My lovely sisters both live in South Korea and are privy to this awesome skin line that one of them (An) hipped me to. (I mentioned I'm psycho about skin products...don't act shocked that I'm still discussing this.)

Well, yesterday I received a cool package in the mail with Korean symbols (Hangul I believe?) and one of the sisters and her husband's names stamped on the front, so I ripped that bad boy open and what was it but THREE different masks, one being the most awesome, thoughtful gesture EVER...a kiwi mask. (Tear)

She also included some other masks for me to try out. I miss that girl terribly, but sending me this makes me feel a tiny bit better...makes my face feel 100% better. I swear I put that stuff on, leave it there until it's dry and no longer looks like cottage cheese (or something that comes from a man's pee pee as Don so maturely pointed out.) and BOOM! SHAKA LACKA! I have the smoothest skin...It's like satin silk met a baby's orgy later my face feels like a million dolla.

I love South Korea! And I REALLY love my sisters for hipping me to such cool, snazzy, and might I add worldly skin products...way to a product whore's heart!


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