Selah Sue

So on that fabulous dinner date that I told y'all about I found love for a new woman.

Yes, it's true...I need and want...and desire Selah Sue to get in my ear bellies and keep playing sweet, sweet music.

The amazon king was the one who hipped Jersey and I to her. He told us she's this Belgium gal who was totally discovered on YouTube singing in her back yard.

They scooped her, polished her up a bit and VOILA! out popped a pretty woman with an UNBELIEVABLY cool, new, awesome sound.

I love her. I really do.

You can check her out on iTunes. I keep her track, Raggamuffin, on constant repeat.


  1. OOOO! I always love discovering new favesies for my playlist! Checkin' her out!

  2. You will love! Let me know what you think!


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