Saturday Dinner Date

On Saturday night Jersey and I were invited over to my gal pal's house for dinner. (She's the amazon queen and her husband is the king...THE most beautiful couple EVER!)

The amazon queen greeted us at the door with her son--a little fella bursting with personality and pizazz--and the night just got betta and betta.

She happens to be the very first person I met in Los Angeles when I moved here. We have oodles in common. We jinx/joke each other constantly (say the same thing at the same time), we think the same and are both with guys who are multiples; Jersey's an identical twin, the amazon king is a triplet! So it would make sense that we'd hang out a lot, right? Wrong! We hardly ever get to play! In fact I've known her for going on six years and this was the first night I ever met her son. The last time I "saw" him, he was in the womb. She does my hair and makeup for shoots so I've seen her since then, but never as a family unit.

The amazon king is the resident chef, so while the queen entertained us, he cooked up the most deliciously, eclectic, flavorful meal that consisted of Moroccan meatballs, couscous and a delicious vegetable soup that you were supposed to pour over the couscous. 

We drank great wine, sipped on a sweet mint tea that complimented the food perfectly; Jersey even tried the king's French rum...(He's from France so of course he had this captivating story about the rum and where he got it from and who he shared it with.)

Jersey has a man crush. He just kept exclaiming that their place was mad sexy...He did this even in front of the kid, who preceded to look at him like he was a special case of nut. 

Over dinner we discussed foods, travels, and music. The king is a DJ, painter, musician, chef...and the queen is this amazing makeup artist, hair chick, stylist, model, mommy....

We were enamored with them and quickly made plans to have them over to our place. Now we just have to figure out what the heck we can make that even comes CLOSE to the food they made. 

Two weeks...I have TWO weeks to make it happen!

This kid had me the minute he said we could sleep over

Music time: Did you know that The Game rapped in French?!



  1. Oh my goodness, it sounds like such a great evening and the kiddo is adorable:) Glad you had fun, sweetie and I bet you will make something super scrumptious as well:) Muah

  2. The reseach began yesterday! Still plum out of ideas!


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