Rainbow Tribe

Jersey plopped down in front of the boob tube and started watching some documentary on King's of Leon. Turns out those boys and they're family are some kind of hillbilly! They're twangs were twangy, their teeth were missing and they're mullets were fierce.

I sat on the couch smiling...I'm used to hillbilly...One side of my fam bam is made up of the sort. (It's so grand being a mixed chick. People looked so shocked when they figure out that being mixed extends into having white family...and having white family that may come from the hills of Kentucky.)

I was thinking back on fonder times...distant cousins in their twenties with more kids than teeth...and that's when I noticed Jersey's look of bewilderment.

I can't WAIT for our *wedding...mwhahaha. What happens when you mix Filipinos, bougie black folk, ghetto  black folk, white collar folk and white hillbilly folk? A YouTube sensation just ready to explode, that's what!

*No freaking out over that whole wedding business, either. We've pinky swore we've got awhile.


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