I recently read something about the new site called Pinterest. Basically it really is a dream board for folks...filled with wishes and outlandish images of ish we'll never be able to buy...

Got me thinking...Do you think women who literally get to have it all (in terms of clothes, cash, yadda yadda) need to pin? Or is it boring to pin something you're about to go out and have your personal shopper bring back to you in a couple of minutes?...

Sometimes being financially challenged is more fun. At least that's what I'll continue to tell myself. Do you pin?


  1. I do pin... & I heart your love for all things green! :)

  2. Um are we friends on Pinterest?!

  3. i actually juuuust opened an account this weekend. (looooong road trip enabled me to!)

    It reminds me of the magazine pictures that I glued all over huge sheets of paper and hung in my closet. Sort of the 2012 version I guess.

    It is kinda nice to have all the cool ideas/recipes etc you see around the web complied into one place!

    I still need to figure out how it works (friends...following etc.) Basically all I can do is create a board and pin a picture. The rest is a mystery to me right now! :)


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