NYE 2011

NYE was a hoot! The plans: Go ice skating with the Loverchinis and then go home, rest, dress to dazzle and head to a friend's house party.

To prepare I went and had my hair did and went shopping for the blinger headband I'm wearing in the picture below.

That's when it happened...I texted some friends of ours to see if they'd want to drive together to the party and then stay at our place so they wouldn't have to drive back to Long Beach and the wife texted me back asking if I was being serious...because the party was the night before. 

...And she wasn't pulling my chain.

Jersey hadn't really looked at the date of the party. It was Friday...meaning we now had no plans for NYE. I wanted to push that boy on the ice so bad...but I got over it. We laughed it off and decided we'd get some good grub and then decide if we wanted to take up the Loverchinis' offer to party with them at a bar in Santa Monica. 

We went to this really tasty restaurant where we sipped on a cocktail called Punch for One. It contained Peruvian brandy, pineapple, agave, angostura and lime. Can you say delicioso?! I can!!!

After that meal we were feeling a little too comfortable and settled so we decided we'd stay home and ring in the new year together with Dick Clark and that annoying Ryan Seacrest. It was perfect. We laughed, we drank sweet arse champagne, bought a lottery ticket from the liquor store and started a new tradition where you burn your intentions for the new year. 

It was practically perfect in every way. I love that durn boy. I swear he makes everything snazzy and cool...even when he messes up party dates!



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