New Edition

This morning New Edition's Can You Stand the Rain popped up on my Pandora playlist and made me smile.

You see many moons ago that song came on when I was in the car with Jersey. At the time he wasn't MY Jersey...He was just this kid I was cool with who I had a HUGE crush on. We were jamming to the song and talking about our love for that darn group...driving to The Stinking Rose--one of our many city adventures we used to go on.

Hearing that song totally brought me back to how I used to feel back then when he wasn't mine, but I wanted him to be.

It's been two years since then. (weird I know) Now that we live together and talk, fight, tickle, toot all day every day it's hard to remember those first crush memories. That song totally made my morning.

Our lives our made up of those stories, memories and feelings.

In the beginning...


  1. Too couple. I love it when a song brings me back to a special moment in my life.


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