The Mentor and Moon

My friend K wrote me a couple weeks ago and asked if I'd hang out with her brother. He has just moved to Los Angeles...trying to do the acting thing, the music thing AND the modeling thing. Triple threat!!!

I don't have that much acting information to share at this point. (A couple of acting classes under my belt, a photographer I's not like I'm mentor material at this point.) 

Because I knew the Encyclopedia of Tishy would be a short read, I took him to the farmer's market for the rest of the meeting. 

I showed him what hippie LA is like and he in turn impressed the stuffings out of me and this little Argentinian man. The fella assumed Moon would just walk up to him, get his empanada and leave, but Moon lived in Argentina for awhile. As soon as he whipped out the Spanish with the Argentinian accent the man's face lit up. They talked for a good couple of made me giggle. 

It was nice to meet a new friend. Him and Jersey clicked immediately...they have hip hop dates lined up. Too cute...

Being an acting mentor...have I really been here long enough? Do people assume I should have done something by now? Yikes! Come on dream!

She was a delightful addition to the market atmosphere


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