Have you ever heard of Kiva?

Oprah mentioned the org, but I never would have thought twice about actually becoming involved if it weren't for J. This past Christmas she suggested we forego gifts and help out a fellow woman instead.

(The media loves to focus on women's cattiness and's quite sad. Figured it was dope we could lift another up instead of tearing her down.)

We finally got a chance to sit down together and choose the woman we wished to help. Meet Penninah! It was a tough decision, but I know we chose the right person. She runs a pub (which we thought was sassy fun.) Her goal is to educate her children and build a permanent home for them. (That made her admirable.)

Those two qualities were enough to melt our hearts and open up our Kiva wallets!  She's 48% closer to reaching her goal of $425.00. The cool thing is once she's made it and able to pay back the loan you give her you can use that money to help out another woman...

You just keep helping and helping...

It's a wonderful feeling, I must say. I was very proud of J for this idea. Think we might have to make this a new Christmas tradition...



  1. This sounds incredible and brilliant! I'm totally going to read more about it. Happy New Year, sunshine. xo

  2. Very Cool Tish. Proud of you for doing such a great thing!

  3. :) Thanks Meli! I give full credit for this to J, though...that girl just gets betta and betta.

  4. I have to give a big thumbs up, we were introduced to KIVA last Christmas by my brother. Cool. Our loan was paid back and around it goes again. neato to feel so connected too.


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