Keep Calm and Drive On

I've been glued to iMovie. I'm almost at the point where I might have to break down and buy a Mac. The application is okay on the iPad, but I've used the real deal before. In high school and college I worked exclusively with non-linear editing programs for the news programs I produced and I miss it. 

With the guru application you can splice and throw scenes in different areas just by dragging. Linear editing is boo boo, old school...Non-linear, on the other hand, is the bee's knees.

(Well it is if you're a lazy bubkis like me.)


  1. That video is brilliant:) Have a sunny day, darling. xo

  2. Tish, you must go MAC. I am still surprised that you function off a PC. I started fooling around with IMOVIE as well as Photoshop. Its taking all of my spare time since I don't know what the heck I'm doing but its "fun" and definitely addicting. I can totally relate.


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