The Good Grub is Coming!


DineLA is coming soon and I can't wait. I've only gotten to play twice in the past. Once with Jersey in Huntington Beach and once at this fancy schmancy french place with a gal pal. Both times were super fun. The goal is to go to a place you'd never in a million years think to go.

Gets me out of the house, out of my foodie-less box, gets me cool points with myself.

It's been forever since Jersey and I went and explored all the weird stuff this place has to offer. We're going snowboarding in a couple weeks for a long, extended weekend. I'm hoping we can squeeze some more good stuff in there too.

Not for me...more for the dude. He seriously goes ape shat if he stays in one place for too long. His need for adventure and "new" is like my need for smart people and poop stories. It's major!

I swear the boy is going through some kind of spectacular PMS lately too so anything to subdue his man rage would be swell...I swear to GOD the FDA needs to develop a pill for men...while we're at it, the Surgeon General can go right on ahead and declare that men do indeed get PMS.

Tishy about to go crazy.


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