Going to Find My Inner Shaun White

Jersey's birthday is mad close to my best friend's day of birth. Think that's a coincidence? I THINK NOT!

I love me some Aquarius folks!

To celebrate his 32nd we're heading to Mammoth Mountain...the mountain of mountains...so he can snowboard to his wonky little heart's content.

I've never boarded so this should be fun. I have lessons scheduled for the am. I plan on shredding down the mountain by Friday afternoon. I'll be singing, "She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes," so if you happen to be there too, listen for me!

I hope I make a friend in class. I hope I get an A! I hope I don't bust my ass! I hope he has a groovy time!

I'll be back on Monday to tell you all about it. I hope you all have a great weekend. Pray for me. Cross your fingers and toes...let's all hope that Tishy makes that big mountain her little bitch!


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