First Snow Boarding Trip

Jersey wants nothing more than to go snowboarding for his birthday so off we'll go to Mammoth! 

Guess what!? I've never snowboarded in my life. Guess what again?! Jersey is a crazy banshee on the snow.

We've rented a little condo so that I can cook and bake and do all that cute stuff you're supposed to do for your BOOOOOO for his birthday. All of this pending my body's capabilities post first run. I hear my booty will hurt, my knees will ache, my wrists will whine and my legs will burn. 

Just in cases: I'm planning on wearing mad padding...I'm going to stick Always pads with wings to everything I can. I'm a preventative gangsta.

gangsta rida!

I'll give new meaning to riding goofy

Sexy in my bulk


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