First Day of Movement

Yesterday Jersey had a hankering to get out and move. I told him that was fine...and then went right back to writing and watching chick flicks...that is until I looked up and saw the puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, you want me to go with?!" we put on our gear and headed to a nearby blacktop. It's been such a long time since I've touched a basketball. I'm a bit scarred really. In Jr. High I went to a basketball camp because I wanted to be just like Shaq. I got there and worked my ass off, but at the end of the camp it was still just about the pretty popular girls whose parents were cool with the coaches.

So I never played again.

Then I met Jersey and he's big time into playing. He used to play overseas actually. All that to say he plays a lot and he drags me into it a lot. He's at least encouraging and chases my wonky balls.

It was a good first workout that's for sure. I haven't sweated in over a month...It was smart that I got out there moving in a non-traditional way...because if I would have started on a treadmill I would have killed over like one of those scared little goats.


  1. I don't have an athletic bone in my body! My BF would have been too frustrated with me!! LOL

  2. Oh I'm sure he was frustrated with me...but he's scared of my sassy mouth soooo...



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