Fat Came to Play!

I have two best guy buds: One lives here (his name is D) and the other is Fat. Fat lives in Middle Earth so I see him less, but he visited me this passed weekend in La La Land. He's one of those awesome sauce guy besties because he doesn't do any of that weird, ambiguous "we're friends, but I secretly want to date you shat", he hips me to new books, movies, shows, and music. He's just a good apple all around and has supported and stuck by me through some crazy times.

He doesn't make it out this way too often but when he does it's rock solid...my soul glows...yes, like the song.

Fat in all his glory

Watermelon Mexitini from Mexicali

Fat's brother is an actor out here in LA. You may have seen him in a McDonalds commercial.  Grrr said the green-eyed monster

Big time!

The guys came back to my place for some Tebow Time!

...And we're brothers...Can I get a HIGH FIVE! 


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