Coachella 2012


{knock, knock. who's there? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!}

Guess which music festival is gonna get in my belly for the third time? The same click is going. We now refer to ourselves as the Holy Coachella Trinity. It's hard to find a group you can do a whole music festival with! It takes patience, autonomy, coolness and low-maintenance bomb-ass chicks.

Because it's so hard to get through an event like this, we're very persnickety about it only being the three of us rolling out there together.

I can't wait! The girls will come and stay. We shall wake up and drive out there. We shall listen to good music. We shall have a blast!

Total girly side note: I shall shop my arse off trying to find the perfect, comfortable clothes too. Being comfortable at Coachella takes work, yo!



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