When I started dating Jersey I became a Chuck convert.

Yeah...I know I pride myself on not allowing dudes to change me. Just because their eggs are scrambled doesn't mean I have to scramble mine...ya know what I mean, Vern?  Well...Chuck was actually good and sweet and action packed and NERDlicious so I got sucked in...We've been watching for three seasons and now it's over. I cried because 1.) the ending was dumb and stupid and I hated it. 2.) I hate when things end. 3.) There's hardly anything on I'll watch nowadays.

Sigh...I know I'm not alone in my grief. Jersey threw a random (and might I add) misplaced fit the other night. I asked him why he was freaking out and he said it was because of the Chuck ending. was and IS like that!

We shall miss you Chuck...We shall miss YOU!


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