I love reading the blog, Dooce every day. Okay, so I'm a bit obsessed, but that's okay because J says it's perfectly normal...She says I'm just a social media enthusiast. (That girl really should have gone into PR now that I think about it.)

Any who...When I worked in the office, I'd always share the daily Chuck picture with my gal pal Evvie. She could totally appreciate the humor and art and modesty patches that Heather (Dooce writer) put on her beloved dog.

Because she loved that dang dog as much as me I thought I'd brighten every day of her morning up with a Dooce Chuck calendar. They come out every year and I love 'em! Without fail I could email a pic of that pup to her and seconds later I'd hear giggles and sighs coming from her cube.

What better gift than Chuck every day, all day?!

It's the gift that keeps on giving...


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