Birthday Mammoth Trip

For Jersey's birthday this year we went to Mammoth. He boarded A LOT and I took boarding lessons...which was really interesting. I'm STILL unable to lift my arms above my boobs...but it was fun!!!

We rented a cozy, enchanting little cabin...watched a grip of movies including Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which was beautiful and heart wrenching.

We laughed a lot...I wiped out on my butt even more and we played in the snow. It was awesome sauce. The man did good choosing that as his birthday destination.

If you ever want to get away, I totally recommend staying at the Tamarack Lodge. The apple cider is to die for; the hospitality is overwhelmingly sweet and the beds are like butta. (Something you'll need if you spend most of your time on the mountain falling on your arse.)


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