My best friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is 31 today.

When we were young we'd hop into her shaggin' wagon and hit up a bagel sandwich shop; rock a tiara while eating some yummy grub.

Now we live thousands of miles away so we do phone calls and surprise packages. Like snail mail...not like strippers with shocking schlongs.

J Hizzy...I love you gurl!

I'm thankful you were born.
I'm thankful you make me list things I'm grateful for every day.
I'm thankful you're a refreshing breath of the air I need.
I'm thankful you name things, too.
I'm thankful you're intelligent and pack just enough immaturity to keep up with my fart obsessions.
I'm thankful you are who you are!

Sing "Dream Weaver" when staring at this picture


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