When I started dating Jersey I became a Chuck convert.

Yeah...I know I pride myself on not allowing dudes to change me. Just because their eggs are scrambled doesn't mean I have to scramble mine...ya know what I mean, Vern?  Well...Chuck was actually good and sweet and action packed and NERDlicious so I got sucked in...We've been watching for three seasons and now it's over. I cried because 1.) the ending was dumb and stupid and I hated it. 2.) I hate when things end. 3.) There's hardly anything on I'll watch nowadays.

Sigh...I know I'm not alone in my grief. Jersey threw a random (and might I add) misplaced fit the other night. I asked him why he was freaking out and he said it was because of the Chuck ending. was and IS like that!

We shall miss you Chuck...We shall miss YOU!

Reading Lesson

I packed two books for my trip to Mammoth: Then Again by Diane Keaton and The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.  Diane was depressing the ish out of me (it's hard for me to read about actors making it quickly and not knowing how lucky and fortunate they are.) so I switched over to my second book which I've read before.

The Alchemist is our latest book club pick, which I wasn't too pleased about.  I was bummed because I had to read something I've already read, but after a couple of chapters I realized that book changed on me. The last time I read it I was a young actress, green and enamored/terrified with Los Angeles and my dream. This time I'm six plus years in...I'm cynical, weary and beat DOWN so this book about the pursuit of dreams is opening my eyes in a whole new way.

I swear I never made it passed the first page's message when I originally read it. I just remember relating to the main character because he wanted to pursue his dreams...he wasn't scared of them like the others' he would meet on his travels. The end.

That's ALL I really related to. This time I'm relating to the middle of the book...the part where all the crap starts to happen...the parts where he's decided life is way easier than the pursuit of his dream so he settles for a job that pays well and will keep him comfortable.

It's funny...I was reading the book in the car and it wasn't making sense at all. At one point I turned to Jersey and said, "This book is trying to tell me something deep, but my brain just doesn't want to wrap around it right now."

Then yesterday my friend Diva D asked me if I'd like to go to an improv class with her. I declined because I had to work out and I had to grocery shop and write and clean and do laundry....

The light bulbs went off; then popped fuses and sparks flew everywhere ...(that's how HUGE my aha moment was) I figured out I'm  totally chillin in the crystal shop...and all that deep ish I just couldn't wrap my brain around was suddenly clear as rain.

Needless to say I wasn't thrilled to learn that truth. If you would have asked me before what I thought of The Alchemist I would have told you it was a beautifully sweet story about a boy going after his dream...Now I'd tell you it's a frickin nightmare cautionary tale...sent to the masses to scare the living poop out of us.

Funny how books find find books..and messages find you maybe not necessarily when you want them, or when you think you need them, but when they frickin randomly want to.

Road Rage Shamed

Yesterday I was running late for my training appointment...I just kept thinking I have to get there by 4:30! I have to start running! I have to get in that warm-up...I don't want Jersey to cut my workout short because of stupid traffic....why is this woman driving so slow!? What's going on?! I can't pass her because I'm about to exit...She better have a darn tootin' good reason for driving 50 in a 65!

...And that's when it happened.

I started to exit. She stayed straight and as I got up to her to give her a stank "you are crazy lady!" face I saw that she was in fact an elderly woman and she was crying...obviously in pain and here I am, this high strung silly kid whose only reason for making this dear old lady's day a little bit worse was a five-minute warm-up run.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you think you're totally in the right for raging on the road only to find out you're the complete and only wanker?

I need to listen to more classical music.

I feel like it's time to find some stillness to just figure out why I'm really mad...I always act like someone has stolen my lunch money and given me proverbial life wedgies. Gotta stop contributing to the grief.

Mr. President

Play Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday Mr. President" song. Check!
Give a birthday kiss and hug. Check!
Have a birthday candle ready for the oportune moment. Check!
Be quiet and let the boy wish!!! Check.

The Drive to Mammoth

The drive to Mammoth was beautiful!

It took us six hours. We took our time, ate at a lovely bakery, read some Hunger Games out loud and took a helluva lot of pictures.

That's the snazzy part about living in Los Angeles...There are so many adventures just a hop skip and a jump away. I think I made the correct move when I decided to throw all my stuff into my car and head to California. 

Just the two of us

Birthday Mammoth Trip

For Jersey's birthday this year we went to Mammoth. He boarded A LOT and I took boarding lessons...which was really interesting. I'm STILL unable to lift my arms above my boobs...but it was fun!!!

We rented a cozy, enchanting little cabin...watched a grip of movies including Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which was beautiful and heart wrenching.

We laughed a lot...I wiped out on my butt even more and we played in the snow. It was awesome sauce. The man did good choosing that as his birthday destination.

If you ever want to get away, I totally recommend staying at the Tamarack Lodge. The apple cider is to die for; the hospitality is overwhelmingly sweet and the beds are like butta. (Something you'll need if you spend most of your time on the mountain falling on your arse.)

Fashion Feng Shui

What?! Bacon Powder!?

Could this be the reason I live in chucks and feel like a boob when I put on heels and try to rock styles that end up making my ass twitch?

When I get rich....

THIS is where I shall go!

Going to Find My Inner Shaun White

Jersey's birthday is mad close to my best friend's day of birth. Think that's a coincidence? I THINK NOT!

I love me some Aquarius folks!

To celebrate his 32nd we're heading to Mammoth Mountain...the mountain of he can snowboard to his wonky little heart's content.

I've never boarded so this should be fun. I have lessons scheduled for the am. I plan on shredding down the mountain by Friday afternoon. I'll be singing, "She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes," so if you happen to be there too, listen for me!

I hope I make a friend in class. I hope I get an A! I hope I don't bust my ass! I hope he has a groovy time!

I'll be back on Monday to tell you all about it. I hope you all have a great weekend. Pray for me. Cross your fingers and toes...let's all hope that Tishy makes that big mountain her little bitch!


My best friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is 31 today.

When we were young we'd hop into her shaggin' wagon and hit up a bagel sandwich shop; rock a tiara while eating some yummy grub.

Now we live thousands of miles away so we do phone calls and surprise packages. Like snail mail...not like strippers with shocking schlongs.

J Hizzy...I love you gurl!

I'm thankful you were born.
I'm thankful you make me list things I'm grateful for every day.
I'm thankful you're a refreshing breath of the air I need.
I'm thankful you name things, too.
I'm thankful you're intelligent and pack just enough immaturity to keep up with my fart obsessions.
I'm thankful you are who you are!

Sing "Dream Weaver" when staring at this picture

Word Nerd

I love Pinterest...I love every darn tootin' thing about it, but I especially love one of my boards called, Word Nerd.

There's just something great about having sayings like, "What's wrong with just being you" plopped up next to, "I love to fart."

The random tickles of my day are the secret to my utterly strange sensibilities...

Party in the Front

I'm pretty sure Jersey thought I was taking one of my normal lovey dovey shots I'm infamous for, but I had ulterior motives....

Dude straight looks like he's rocking a mullet in this picture, don't ya think? A good, strong, thick one! My little Asian Billy Ray Cyrus....

How do you say achy breaky heart in Tagalog?

Hand Out

Yesterday I had to make a quick run to the grocery store. I had just come from a run, I was sweaty, stinky and as I told the sad woman outside of the sliding doors, without any cash.

I went in and got the Splenda for Jersey...some vegetables for a salad, paid for my food and hopped out the door. As I was walking towards the exit doors I could see people's smiles fading. They'd put their heads down and shake no's towards the woman asking for help. I walked past her; feeling ashamed and drove off.

And then that nagging pain that ALWAYS hits me slapped me in the face. Who was I to ignore someone starving right in front of me? Who was I to think she chose her path...

I turned my car around, parked, marched right up to her and told her to come inside with me....that I would buy her food. She told me she didn't want anything to spoil but asked if I'd get her a gift card for any amount I could spare; so I went in and did just that.

I didn't feel better per say wasn't about making me feel better about my privilege. That whole when you give it's really a gift for you stuff didn't kick in. I just felt the need to not be like the people who put their heads down. Why do we do that? Why do we ignore? What's an apple or two to us?

I'm still a bit emotional about it...her eyes haunt me...she was obviously embarrassed to have her hand out, but I imagine her skinny little body didn't really care what people thought.

I can't always give...but I want to. I always imagine they could be me. I could be them...and you never know just how quickly your situation can change.

Trying to shake off that sadness.

Kiva Update

That was quick!!!

Our awesome pub owner has fulfilled her goal of buying a fridge and will begin the process of paying back those who loaned money to her.

I understand the Kiva process, but I'd rather she just keep the money like an investment...I hope she prospers! I hope her children get the education she dreamed of giving them!!! I hope she gets a home!

Paying it forward is a beautiful thing...

Selah Sue

So on that fabulous dinner date that I told y'all about I found love for a new woman.

Yes, it's true...I need and want...and desire Selah Sue to get in my ear bellies and keep playing sweet, sweet music.

The amazon king was the one who hipped Jersey and I to her. He told us she's this Belgium gal who was totally discovered on YouTube singing in her back yard.

They scooped her, polished her up a bit and VOILA! out popped a pretty woman with an UNBELIEVABLY cool, new, awesome sound.

I love her. I really do.

You can check her out on iTunes. I keep her track, Raggamuffin, on constant repeat.

Wu Me

Yep...It's THAT serious.

Time with the Girls

I don't know where I found time to do everything I did over the weekend, but I did. I met up with a group of my girlfriends for some gangsta shopping on Saturday. 

We had mimosas and then took our champagne + o.j. to the streets (in plastic red cups) and hit up a bunch of vintage shops in the valley. 

I came away with a jade necklace that makes me want to frolic in a field and two cute outfits for the spring. 

The jewelry store we hit up was amazing and then some. It's dripping with ish...all arranged by color, you can hit up the gold, the diamonds, the ziamonds, the CZ, the turquoise, the coral, the blues...I was experiencing mad eyegasms!

Of course we got tipsy and spent more time laughing and less time shopping, but considering I'm about to go to Mammoth that wasn't so bad.

Saturday Dinner Date

On Saturday night Jersey and I were invited over to my gal pal's house for dinner. (She's the amazon queen and her husband is the king...THE most beautiful couple EVER!)

The amazon queen greeted us at the door with her son--a little fella bursting with personality and pizazz--and the night just got betta and betta.

She happens to be the very first person I met in Los Angeles when I moved here. We have oodles in common. We jinx/joke each other constantly (say the same thing at the same time), we think the same and are both with guys who are multiples; Jersey's an identical twin, the amazon king is a triplet! So it would make sense that we'd hang out a lot, right? Wrong! We hardly ever get to play! In fact I've known her for going on six years and this was the first night I ever met her son. The last time I "saw" him, he was in the womb. She does my hair and makeup for shoots so I've seen her since then, but never as a family unit.

The amazon king is the resident chef, so while the queen entertained us, he cooked up the most deliciously, eclectic, flavorful meal that consisted of Moroccan meatballs, couscous and a delicious vegetable soup that you were supposed to pour over the couscous. 

We drank great wine, sipped on a sweet mint tea that complimented the food perfectly; Jersey even tried the king's French rum...(He's from France so of course he had this captivating story about the rum and where he got it from and who he shared it with.)

Jersey has a man crush. He just kept exclaiming that their place was mad sexy...He did this even in front of the kid, who preceded to look at him like he was a special case of nut. 

Over dinner we discussed foods, travels, and music. The king is a DJ, painter, musician, chef...and the queen is this amazing makeup artist, hair chick, stylist, model, mommy....

We were enamored with them and quickly made plans to have them over to our place. Now we just have to figure out what the heck we can make that even comes CLOSE to the food they made. 

Two weeks...I have TWO weeks to make it happen!

This kid had me the minute he said we could sleep over

Music time: Did you know that The Game rapped in French?!


Mosaic Madness


Back in Jr. High I used to take Spanish with this girl named Kate who used to talk about toots almost as much as I did. While that was awesome we still never hung out.

The one good thing about facebook is you can connect back with folks you may not have been tight with in high school, but find rather delightful now. Kate moved out of Middle Earth; I moved to Los Angeles, and now we're facebook buddies; exchanging fun little blurbs here and there on each other's walls.

Best of all, Kate's an artist. She has all of these kick arse mosaics that make my heart strings pluck. Even better, she's going to make one for me and my lovely artless abode. The walls in this piece are naked! They need mosaic!

She needs to get on Etsy. Don't you think!?

Gangster Wonky


But clever new phrase! (Gangster wonky...)


Glad it's Friday!

...Because I've reached the point where I imagine this happening:

Chick Flick Chicken Soup

There's just something about Sleepless in Seattle that really melts my butta...

What is that?!
No way.
That's NW!
New York...He's on his way to NY.

Nectarine Cobbler

Can you say heaven? Can you say it while holding your tongue?

Last week I met up with a new friend for drinks and eats at my favorite LA restaurant, Bottega Louie.

This is where I had my "Shitty 30th Birthday" and where I try to drag Jersey to as much as possible. The food is just superb...the atmosphere is awesome and the people are great for people watching.

Laura and I tried some yummy new things on the menu while indulging in my favorite oldie--the portobello fries.

For dessert we shared an order of the nectarine cobbler which made my eyes roll back in my head.


Yesterday I had an appointment with my shrink dude. Not the one I call "the angel" but the other one. The weird one who never seems to get my name right. I hear him shuffling down the hallway every time (true religion jeans go swish swish) and then I hear that terrible, dreadful name...

"Lateeeeesha, I'm ready for you now."

DOH! ICK! ACK! I DIEEEEE. My name is LaTisha, but I go by Tish. If my name were Lateeeesha then I'd go by Teeeeesh, but I don't. See how that works?

There's something disturbing about a man who can't remember the correct pronunciation of my name giving me drugs.

He likes to ask me these random questions, then I answer and he doodles. I swear he's secretly testing me for craziness because we never have a at all. He interrupted me mid-story and asked if Jersey was Korean. When I said he was Filipino he went back to writing and my butt twitched.

Shrinks. Can't live with 'em, can't get happy pills without them!

Go in the little room. Hit the top secret (labeled) magical button that alerts the shrink and wait...wait...wait

Scary: SOPA Protest

How am I just now finding out about this?! Scary stuff...make sure you watch and then stay the heck off Facebook and Twitter tomorrow!

Pinky Up

I've been OBSESSED with tea lately. Don't know what got into me but I just can't get enough. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is go poo. The second thing after the poo involves me hopping downstairs, turning on the stove and getting my morning tea ready. 

The tea mug I choose, chooses the rest of my day. If I go for the Van Gogh one then I'm creative and quirky. If I go for the big mug with Los Angeles on it then I'm subdued and calm. Who knew tea could be so important...

I totally do that Folgers sip "mmm" thing, too. Favorite tea currently is Starbucks' Joy tea. That ish is the BOMB! It's joyful. I recommend you try it before they tuck it away for the season.

First Snow Boarding Trip

Jersey wants nothing more than to go snowboarding for his birthday so off we'll go to Mammoth! 

Guess what!? I've never snowboarded in my life. Guess what again?! Jersey is a crazy banshee on the snow.

We've rented a little condo so that I can cook and bake and do all that cute stuff you're supposed to do for your BOOOOOO for his birthday. All of this pending my body's capabilities post first run. I hear my booty will hurt, my knees will ache, my wrists will whine and my legs will burn. 

Just in cases: I'm planning on wearing mad padding...I'm going to stick Always pads with wings to everything I can. I'm a preventative gangsta.

gangsta rida!

I'll give new meaning to riding goofy

Sexy in my bulk

A Beautiful Wedding

We went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday evening. It was at the Vibiana, this GORGEOUS venue in downtown LA. A few descriptives: elegant, chalk-a-block full of beautiful detail and overflowed with personal touches. 

The couple was really sweet and looked sooo good. Jersey and I have been discussing whether or not if we want a wedding or not. We were inching more towards a court house, but this wedding had us both thinking maybe we could do something small and intimate. 

Yeah...I said it. We're talking about weddings and children and all that big kid ish that usually makes me arse twitch. 

I drank the kool-aid.

From now on I will always get styled by a professional before attending an event!

Once couple wishing another a beautiful long life together

Beautiful, memorable wedding...

Sol Salon

My gal pal, Vanessa, is the genius behind most of my makeup jobs I do for photo shoots. She was my first pal in Los we decided to meet up is still beyond what I can fathom. (So many weirdos out there! So trusting we were!)

She recently took a break from working on studio sets and got a gig working at a hair salon in Culver City called Sol basically now she's a triple threat: makeup artist, hair guru and stylist. She said she could cut my hair, but EVERYONE says they can cut my hair and we know that's not true but this chick really did give me the best cut I've ever had out here in LA...and I've been to the salon that does Halle Berry's head!

She did my hair and Jersey's head...which I was really thinking would be a hot mess to work with, but she did the darn thing and made that boy look debonair to boot.

So now we're life long groupies of Vanessa. If she can mess with my curly Jesus mop AND tough crazy Filipino hair then she's the bomb and then some!

For MLK Jr. Day...

Jersey and I are going to a Clippers vs Nets game. lol...

That's what that boy wanted for Christmas so that's what we're doing. We plan to take the train there so that we can get pissy drunk (Just joshin!) and spend our afternoon screaming "Lob Angeles!!!" to anyone who will listen.

If you catch a news blurb about two crazy folks causing a ruckus in LA ...well.

Years ago in college, I'd go to the radio station and do socially responsible things with my pal Corn. Not so much once I graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles...

I promise to make sure to strive for peace between the Clipper fans and Nets fans. It's about working with what you've got, right?

Coachella 2012


{knock, knock. who's there? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!}

Guess which music festival is gonna get in my belly for the third time? The same click is going. We now refer to ourselves as the Holy Coachella Trinity. It's hard to find a group you can do a whole music festival with! It takes patience, autonomy, coolness and low-maintenance bomb-ass chicks.

Because it's so hard to get through an event like this, we're very persnickety about it only being the three of us rolling out there together.

I can't wait! The girls will come and stay. We shall wake up and drive out there. We shall listen to good music. We shall have a blast!

Total girly side note: I shall shop my arse off trying to find the perfect, comfortable clothes too. Being comfortable at Coachella takes work, yo!


New Edition

This morning New Edition's Can You Stand the Rain popped up on my Pandora playlist and made me smile.

You see many moons ago that song came on when I was in the car with Jersey. At the time he wasn't MY Jersey...He was just this kid I was cool with who I had a HUGE crush on. We were jamming to the song and talking about our love for that darn group...driving to The Stinking Rose--one of our many city adventures we used to go on.

Hearing that song totally brought me back to how I used to feel back then when he wasn't mine, but I wanted him to be.

It's been two years since then. (weird I know) Now that we live together and talk, fight, tickle, toot all day every day it's hard to remember those first crush memories. That song totally made my morning.

Our lives our made up of those stories, memories and feelings.

In the beginning...


John Armstrong's blog is a guilty obsession of mine. He's super duper technical, but he's hella cool. He breaks down photography, camera apps, his emotions...EVERYTHING with keen precision.

I know professional photographers out there probably hate the latest filters and toys that come with owning an iPhone...I think all those head shakers should read John's post.

Makes sense if you ask me...

John Armstrong (AKA Blurbomat)

Suddenly I See


{theme song}

I've been really antsy...full of unrest. SOMETHING, ANYTHING with acting needs to pop up and land neatly into the lap of my life. I need to book a job. This song is my perfect 7-up, pick-me-up tune.

I just keep singing it...


I really tried to go out and run yesterday. I'm trying my hardest to get back the energy, get-up-and-go zaniness that I once possessed, but I swear this round of womanly fun is causing mad havoc.

Running sounds like torture. Eating the cookies that my pal Nina sent Jersey and I for helping her with something sound so much lovelier.

I'm being punished for living in sin with my boyfriend!!! I just know it!

Damn the cookies, save the plan!!!

Less of these...

Nina sent Smiley Cookies

More of this!

(TRX + the voice of Jersey)

Keep Calm and Drive On

I've been glued to iMovie. I'm almost at the point where I might have to break down and buy a Mac. The application is okay on the iPad, but I've used the real deal before. In high school and college I worked exclusively with non-linear editing programs for the news programs I produced and I miss it. 

With the guru application you can splice and throw scenes in different areas just by dragging. Linear editing is boo boo, old school...Non-linear, on the other hand, is the bee's knees.

(Well it is if you're a lazy bubkis like me.)

Champagne + Granola

E approached me earlier last week and asked what kind of healthy snacks she could grub on so I invited her over to make some of that yummy granola Jersey and I baked up for Christmas.

I had an opened bottle of champagne from my book club that was just gonna go to waste...figured it made a lot of sense to finish that bad boy off with my lady in apron. We sipped, stirred, sniffed and snickered for a couple hours. 

Nice night. I approved.

Cheers to friendship and granola!

Pizza was hot!

Check List

There's something wonky about this week. I just can't get my brain to cooperate with me and be productive. 

There's a lot of ish on my to do list, but I just don't really care. I'm suffering from lazy brain. I think it's a product of a crazy, non-stop weekend. Last weekend I just kept popping from one event to another...overlapping friend things. Cuh-razy time! 

This weekend we're going to a wedding that's a two-part shindig so Sunday will be used for curing the lazy brain ineptitude I'm currently shimmying with.

Damn it!

The Good Grub is Coming!


DineLA is coming soon and I can't wait. I've only gotten to play twice in the past. Once with Jersey in Huntington Beach and once at this fancy schmancy french place with a gal pal. Both times were super fun. The goal is to go to a place you'd never in a million years think to go.

Gets me out of the house, out of my foodie-less box, gets me cool points with myself.

It's been forever since Jersey and I went and explored all the weird stuff this place has to offer. We're going snowboarding in a couple weeks for a long, extended weekend. I'm hoping we can squeeze some more good stuff in there too.

Not for me...more for the dude. He seriously goes ape shat if he stays in one place for too long. His need for adventure and "new" is like my need for smart people and poop stories. It's major!

I swear the boy is going through some kind of spectacular PMS lately too so anything to subdue his man rage would be swell...I swear to GOD the FDA needs to develop a pill for men...while we're at it, the Surgeon General can go right on ahead and declare that men do indeed get PMS.

Tishy about to go crazy.


Have you ever heard of Kiva?

Oprah mentioned the org, but I never would have thought twice about actually becoming involved if it weren't for J. This past Christmas she suggested we forego gifts and help out a fellow woman instead.

(The media loves to focus on women's cattiness and's quite sad. Figured it was dope we could lift another up instead of tearing her down.)

We finally got a chance to sit down together and choose the woman we wished to help. Meet Penninah! It was a tough decision, but I know we chose the right person. She runs a pub (which we thought was sassy fun.) Her goal is to educate her children and build a permanent home for them. (That made her admirable.)

Those two qualities were enough to melt our hearts and open up our Kiva wallets!  She's 48% closer to reaching her goal of $425.00. The cool thing is once she's made it and able to pay back the loan you give her you can use that money to help out another woman...

You just keep helping and helping...

It's a wonderful feeling, I must say. I was very proud of J for this idea. Think we might have to make this a new Christmas tradition...


Taste in Heroines

The Goyles: Wendy Wonderful, Celina Sunshine, Meli Mellifluous and Glenda Gladiola

The Event: Book Club

The 411: It was groovy baby...

On Saturday the goyles met up at my place for our monthly book discussion. Like Water for Chocolate wasn't one of our favorites, I have to say. We're modern girls that twitch at tradition. Tita (the main character) was really trippin' over her daughter duties...the goyles weren't really a fan of dutiful obligation. (They made me so proud.)

*We've decided we need some stronger female characters in our lives...I swear you can totally measure a woman's gangster by her taste in heroines.

Wendy brought these bad boys from Pastries by Edie

We went through 2 1/2 bottles of champagne. This is our sanctuary of fun!

I got a wee bit theme-y for the party. In the book Tita uses rose petals to make a quail dish. Aren't I cute?

The movie was sexy and educational lol...
There had to be chocolate...

*PS While Tita made my arse twitch,  this book isn't a total waste. The magical realism is enchanting to boot.

The Mentor and Moon

My friend K wrote me a couple weeks ago and asked if I'd hang out with her brother. He has just moved to Los Angeles...trying to do the acting thing, the music thing AND the modeling thing. Triple threat!!!

I don't have that much acting information to share at this point. (A couple of acting classes under my belt, a photographer I's not like I'm mentor material at this point.) 

Because I knew the Encyclopedia of Tishy would be a short read, I took him to the farmer's market for the rest of the meeting. 

I showed him what hippie LA is like and he in turn impressed the stuffings out of me and this little Argentinian man. The fella assumed Moon would just walk up to him, get his empanada and leave, but Moon lived in Argentina for awhile. As soon as he whipped out the Spanish with the Argentinian accent the man's face lit up. They talked for a good couple of made me giggle. 

It was nice to meet a new friend. Him and Jersey clicked immediately...they have hip hop dates lined up. Too cute...

Being an acting mentor...have I really been here long enough? Do people assume I should have done something by now? Yikes! Come on dream!

She was a delightful addition to the market atmosphere

Wine Tasting

For a pal's 40th birthday, Jersey and I dressed our little selves up and drove out to Oxnard (wayyy out in B.F.E.) for a wine tasting party at this really snazzy cellar called Magnavino Cellars.

I died over a petite shiraz, laughed with friends and discussed big kid, grown thangs and watched on lovingly as my gal pal was love-spoiled by her friends and family.

The place was beautiful and enchanting.

The Birthday Girl

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