Working Girl


Now that I'm a work-at-home ALL THE TIME!!! chica I can wear whatever the heck I want, but I 've been reading all of these dang articles about creating a routine for yourself so that you don't turn into the type of slob who only showers once a year and smells like a wet dog that was eaten by a monster who swam in the bog of eternal stench.

Today I'm going for Seattle grunge...I'm thinking I need to watch the movie Singles and listen to Lisa Loeb. I was never a fan of Nirvanah so we can't go there.


  1. jealous that you work from home!! what do you do? love Lisa Loeb. maybe a little Reality Bites???

  2. You say... I only hear what I want to... (Can this be a duet) *giggles* #MuchLove Chica! ❤

  3. Ooo I like Reality Bites!

    Still doing the same thing I was doing before. Just dropped a new pin on the map of where I do that job ;)


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