White Christmas

Who is in charge of Christmas programming right now?

I have a bone to pick with whoever is running our networks because there's just not enough darn Christmas crap on the boob tube right now. I'm going a bit batty trying to find stuff...I've been reduced to cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime...LIFETIME, people!

I did find White Christmas last night. First time watching it I must say...It's no Scrooged, or Miracle on 34th Street, but it's AT LEAST a Christmas flick.

I'm having a hard time getting into my Christmas spirit. I figure if I can get some Christmas classics under my belt...sip a little hot chocolate here and there; the mistletoe and candy cane mentality will stir.

I've just set the DVR to record All I Want for Christmas and The Family Stone. That's a start. Now if I could just finish finding lovely gifts and be complete...

I have a date with some girlfriends soon...DIY Christmas decorations. I'm really hoping that kicks the Christmas into me. Sigh.


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