What I did on My Day of Vacay

Yesterday I took off from work to acclimate back into LA life. Jersey (the state, not the man) can rub me the wrong way. The people at the grocery store will grumble at you...if you smile you'll get back crazy, bewildered stares...it's a lot to feel like joy isn't something you publicly share.

I'm a human sponge...I soak all of that nasty in and it's hard to get it out.

Some may think I'm crazy, but yesterday I went to the grocery store. A woman stopped me outside of Trader Joe's and asked me if I'd mind signing a petition to end the death penalty in California. She then smiled and laughed with me as we watched people scurry passed her in fear.

"Too much in a hurry to get prunes...no time for signatures!"

I then went to another grocery store to get the rest of the items on my list and the scanner person struck up a conversation with me about my NPR hoodie I was rocking. He commented about how great the station was...big toothy smile.

People in Los Angeles SMILE PEOPLE! It's a beautiful thing.

Boy, did I miss home...


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