Well Who Am I? Sho'nuff!

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work, scrambling around like a banchee and noticed Jersey was still lounging in bed, hands behind his head, chillin like a villain.

I turned to him and said, "You're a bum! A lazy bum!" and he quipped back that he was THE manager...of his job AND of the house... and that's when my eyebrows raised and I stopped in my tracks. (You see he's been on this cute, proud trip about getting a manager position, but he had to go and extend that to the home...tsk tsk)

He couldn't even finish the words without laughing. He KNEW he was gonna get it. I immediately pounced on him and started tickling him.

Seconds later he was screaming, "You're the manager of this home! You are!"

Yeah....that's right chump.

That's right.


  1. shoot.
    you two are cute...this story, the christmas aprons....

    my favorite is the mental image of him laughing before he could even finish. yeeeah thats right.


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