Top Secret

I did a top secret thing for FBG yesterday that had me on the potty poo-ing my little heart out all day. My nerves were just shot to pieces...I wanted to do good...had to do good since it was for wasn't like I could flop and suffer alone with dignity. I had to prove I had the chops to handle the top secret mission impossible!

...And I did good. Silly how stressed I got. I arrived and was greeted by awesome, fun folks who made the gig pretty darn easy.

I needed to do something like that and get to come back to my bossaroo (J) and tell her I did a good thing. Yesterday I also found out I didn't get the part that I auditioned for.

It was a bummer for sure, but that's the nature of this dramatic beast I've decided to stalk my life with.

Just celebrating my goods...and taking the bads out on Jersey. Just joshin...


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