Supporting the Artsy Fartsies


I have a snazzy acting friend in New York who is always doing the darn thing with her acting career. Every time I turn on the telly I see her. She's raising money for a film she's going to be in so of COURSE I had to help out. I'm spreading the word because she rocks and I like seeing her grill on the boob tube.

If you're into supporting the arts...If you just want to help with something new and different then I suggest shooting $2 buckaroos over to her site. Two dollas! That's all they need! Pretty snazzy huh?

Then you can go to your peeps and say with an airy hoity toity-ness "Yes dawwwwlings, I contributed to that film."

Tis the season!


  1. I LOVE TISH!!!!! thank you so much! you didn't even have to take the time to type this, but you did. and then some. i so thank you, thank you from the bottom of my warmed heart. :)


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