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Man I had a great trip home!

Christmas is always really weird for me. When I was young, the holiday was simple, magical and always pure joy but the older I got the more I saw the greed and the grumps...the Grinch and the chumps and it made it so hard to appreciate my favorite holiday.

(I think that's why it took me so long to get into the Christmas spirit this year.)

I did find it though! And this year was even sweeter.

I went home for the holidays (Jersey in tow) and spent six spectacular days with my best friend and my parents. I saw friends; I visited my God children; took Jersey on a tour of where I worked all through high school, and introduced him to the Christmas Plaza lights.
My parents picked us up and drove us back to their home (which is three hours from Kansas City) and we spent days cooking, napping, eating and laughing.

I got the most thoughtful gifts from my loved ones that made my heart explode with love...the thoughts behind the gifts are gifts in themselves!

My mom's gift touched me deeply...She found a book lover's gift set. It has a journal, magnetic book marks, page marker sticker tab thingies and labels for personalizing my library. I love this gift so much...Don't you love it when moms just get us? I don't even want to take them out of the box!

"Let's go back through the past year..."

Jersey out did himself, too! One of my Christmas wishes was for him to write me one letter per week for a whole year. He took it one step sweeter and created a blog for me. Each week I'll receive a new post from him--an entire year of his thoughts...Is it possible that a girl can be this lucky? He ended up getting me a lot of great and thoughtful things that made me squeal like I was five again, but this one took the cake.

J and I are doing something different and beautiful this year. Instead of a gift exchange we're combining our gift giving powers to help out a woman associated with a charity of our mutual choices. How lovely is that? I'm kind of geeked. There's so many programs out there we can help with. I'll let you know which one we finally choose.

All in all the time spent with loved ones...the sentimental thoughts and thoughtful gifts...well, it was all kind of perfect.  I loved Christmas 2011.


  1. so sweet and meaningful.

    honestly, it's the best best best.
    i feel all cheesy around christmas time, but it's never the stuff that gets me feeling that way either. it's the people and thoughtfulness behind everything for sure.


  2. I agree Tara! I wish I could have seen you all while I was still in KC. Next time for sure! I want to see those beautiful kiddoes!


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