Paris Red

I love having friends chalk-a-block full of expertise and braininess. The other day I decided I wanted to wear a bright, beautiful red lipstick for New Year's Eve so I texted a pal of mine who is a makeup artist and asked her what brand and color she recommended. (She's done my makeup for a couple of shoots so I trusted her noggin.)

Seconds later I received word that the bestest and brightest was Chanel so off to the store I went. After rubbing a couple of colors onto my fist I found the perfect shade-Paris Red.

Turns out it's pretty much everyone's perfect color, though. No one at that darn mall carried the color. Now I'm on a mission.


I have no idea what I'll wear, but I know my liparoos will be french-kissable that night. Ooo la la!


  1. I always choose an outfit around shoes, but maybe I'll try starting with lipstick! Fun!


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