My First Audition in FOREVER

I had an audition yesterday! For a film! I was sooo nervous. Jersey was helping me all weekend practice my lines. We'd pull out our phones at restaurants or before a movie and go at it.

I love how animated and intense he gets into it all. I am crossing my fingers and toes, praying my little heart out that I get this lovely part. It would be an indie, directed by a woman who's won awards for her loveliness.

I hobbled in and nervously started texting my pal Diva Dara to get advice and confidence. The last time I auditioned for a film was YEARS ago. (sadly) I forgot how to slate for Pete's sake! Ahhhh!

I really did try to give it my all, though. The part called for perky so I gave perky. I wore a green shamrock sock on my left foot for good luck even! (Can't hurt throwing in  some quirk!)

Here's hoping!


  1. eeek!

    You go Tish.
    seriously, it's awesome.

  2. You've got perky so I'm sure it went great! Can't wait to se the blog that says "I got it" next! :)

  3. My fingers are crossed!


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