Kiwi-rific Christmas Gift Ideas

Okay so the juices are starting to flow...


1. The PDT Cocktail Book ~ I have these snazzy friends who travel the world pimping out awesome adventures which they promptly report back to Jersey and me. They once mentioned this really awesome speakeasy in New York called PDT... It's a "super secret" bar that requires you to know the secret door and password. I'm assuming that kind of cool factor comes at a hefty price...which is why we haven't gone yet. I about shat a fruit cake when I saw that there's a book out there for those like me who can't jet set to speakeasies. I would totally give this to a mixologist-intrigued bud for the holiday!
2. The zapi ~ I've loved the zapi for quite some time. I told you these gift ideas would be kiwi-rific. While most folks wouldn't think to give dental equipment as a gift I'm all over that ish! I love anything that sanitizes...It's the gift that keeps on giving if you ask me. I'd shoot this bad boy over to a friend who has issues with her nasty boyfriend using her toothbrush.
3. The White Wood 3 Candle ~ I love candles oh-so-very much. I'm really snotty, weird about those bad boys, too. This brand is chalk-a-block full of woody scents which are my favorite during the holidays. No clue who I'd give this too. Probably a girl whose nose is awesome like mine.
4. Fruute ~ Do you remember my obsession with Fruute? I do! These little pieces of orgasmic bliss were such a hit at my party. It's the new fruit cake gift...the much better, newer and snazzier fruit cake gift.


  1. I like all this gift ideas ,awesome post thanks for share this blog.


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