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Yesterday when we landed at LAX I turned on my phone and saw a twitter message from a gal about a meteorologist named Dan Harman who committed suicide. I came home and got online to chat with the bestie and she asked if I had heard. (We love our news people in Middle Earth...being that we have crazy voodoo weather all the time.)

J sent the link with a message stating that even people who we assume have it all still have sad moments...and it's true.

I'm surrounded by suicide. Always have been. Currently reading a book about a girl who ponders and plans it all the time...for her own reasons. A friend I work with has this adorable kid brother who came to a couple of Jersey's Sunday morning workouts. He lost a friend of his to suicide...just a kid.

There's an upside message to this morose blog my dears. For the handfull of lovelies you have in your life...make sure you shoot them little randoms from time to time to let them know how very special and dear they are to you. Tell them why.

It's good to spoil our peoples with love. We all have our sad moments, but we're all not as fortunate to have a love bug buzzing sweet somethings in our ears. Time to spread the luck.

Totally grabbing her bun bun


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