The Jasper Effect

I just read this article in the LA Times.

Apparently this lovely hormone makes us more trusting, forgiving, and even more motherly. Because I'm an uber geek I immediately thought of Jasper from Twilight...He had the ability to make people calm the heck down and feel all lovely, bubbly. Maybe he had oxytocin floating through his vampire blood...maybe?

I need my doctor to pump some of this into me because I'm starting to get uber nervous. My regular doctor called today and asked how I was feeling. I said okay and he said, "Good. Your white blood cells are really low, but as long as you feel good you can have the surgery."

So reassuring they are...

Jasper, my vampire boo, hit me with a shot of your trusting, forgiving vibes.


  1. Oh Tish, I'm pretty sure we are going to get along *great*! You are hilarious...I'm so glad you dropped by so I could find you!


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