A Home Alone Moment

If we're not *facebook buds you missed out on my delightfully alarming story from last Wednesday.
Jersey and I pulled a Home Alone the morning of our trip. The night before he said he was setting his alarm for 3:00 am. I said I'd set mine for 3:30 as a backup...except he didn't hear "backup" He just heard me say I was setting my alarm...and I set it for 3:30pm by mistake.

I was dreaming away last Saturday morning when all of a sudden I heard him scream "We've slept in!!!"

(You NEVER want to hear those words when you're supposed to be boarding a plane to go home to see the parents you haven't seen since LAST Christmas.)

Fortunately for us, Jersey has a weird internal alarm clock and woke us up at 4:30am ...late but doable. We still managed to run around our home like banchees on speed trying to get our ish together in time to make our flight.

The only oops in that whole mad rush was leaving the garage light on...which we now have to replace, but other than that we arrived in Middle Earth with all of the correct belongings...and some really bad hair and breath.

* Favorite Facebook quote of the morning: KEVIN!!!


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