The Happy Madison Party

Adam Sandler's party was Friday night...boy was it out of this world!

I've NEVER been around that many celebrities at a given time. I saw Maria Bello first and I just about peed my pants considering I had JUST watched her show before we left. Everyone who has ever worked with Adam Sandler or befriended his bulldog was there.

He performed with his band, there were bar stations set up everywhere in this little hidden compound in the valley...we could ice skate if we wanted, ride a train, bull ride, sing karaoke, bowl, play arcade games that were rigged to not need quarters. It was a kid's dream I say! I played the ISH out of Ms Pacman!

We spoke to one of Jersey's favorite stars out there right now and he was totally humble and gracious...The guy didn't even freak out that two very grown adults were drooling all over him.

I've been in LA for years now, but I still can't act normal around people I've admired from the boob tube. They're doing what I've always wanted to do...They're ACTUALLY in the biz and doing it well...lucky ducks.

I was sooo happy to be there, but I caught myself wondering why it happens that I'm always so close to it all, but never get bites of my own. Cruel tease or just the beginning tastes of how it will be soon?...

Hopefully I'll be able to answer that soon.

We weren't allowed to take pictures at all while there so no pictures of totally awesome folks that weren't plastic surgery'ed out...weren't dressed all fancy schmancy. Lots of jeans and cool, whatever folks. The only annoying people there were the hoochie mama young girls standing close to stars, bending over slowly, trying to get them to notice them.

Tsk tsk...We all want to be discovered...I'd just rather it be me, my face and I...not my booty.

After the party we finally got brave enough to snap a pic

I got a Mike Tyson face tattoo because I'm gangster

Jersey's neck tattoo...He is such a bad ass!


  1. What was the dress code like at the Happy Madison Party? I'm pregnant, so I don't have an array of outfits to choose from. What kind of outfit should I buy at Pea in the pod today?


    1. It was pretty all over the place actually. All the Hollywood peeps were in urban wear while others dressed up a bit. I went comfortable because I knew I'd be ice skating, riding bulls, etc. It's one big playground. Remember that :)


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