Giver's Block

Is anyone else having a hard time with Christmas gifts? If I were honest with Santa I'd ask him to pay off my debt...asking for stuff just kind of feels silly when you know you have numbers dancing around on your credit card. Ick ack! I mean, what really do I need besides another job?! A third one mind you...

I'm even having a hard time with my favorite part...the little trinkets I get for my friends. When funds are tight one has to look for my creative ways to share...but here's the rub, you need to actually be clever and the area of my brain that holds clever has the flu.

It's not an issue of bah humbug spirit. I LOVE Christmas! I just have this weird giver's block.

Driving me batty...

Hopefully I get my ish together soon. Think, Tishy, think! Give, Tishy, give!

I have a list at least...


  1. So I just read this article about 'free' christmas gifts and I thought there were some good ideas on there! I know I'd much rather have someone cook me dinner than another scarf/necklace/etc. that I don't need. ;)

    Keep in mind, it's from the Mormon news site here in SLC (lol...yes, we have those) -- see the bullet under 'for spouses' that reads "give extra physical contact". OMG. Hilarious.


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