Elves in the Kitchen

Jersey and I needed some Christmas shakeup this past weekend so we decided to bake Christmas goodies for his peoples. I got this really snazzy recipe for apple cinnamon granola that ended up turning out so yummy we made some for ourselves. We've decided healthy and nutritious gifts aren't a bad thing being that we're both health nuts. This could be the beginning of a beautiful Christmas past time...

My mom sent us matching Christmas aprons. We had too much fun in them

Feeling the Christmas spirit...FINALLY!

Jersey's attempt at gangster...Note the blue glitter tat on the neck

We must really work on our handwriting...and our plus signs


  1. You two are so adorable I want to punch an elf.

  2. Then stop being so adorable. :-)

  3. hee hee. We are cutie patooties, aren't we?

  4. Yes, you sure are. So if any elves get punched, you only have yourselves to blame. :-)

  5. Adorable. You two are. Wait. That's how Yoda talks, not elves. Right? Whatever. You two are sweet as peaches.

  6. lol Ha! Yup! Yoda, but I talk like him all the time so it's alllll good.


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