An Early Christmas Present

Meli (from the book club) texted me a couple of days ago and asked if I'd be home because she had a little somethin', somethin' to drop off. I didn't think anything of it...a little sweet gesture; I told her to come on over and went back to scrubbing my home.

That woman showed up at my house yesterday with this beautifully wrapped gift. I thanked her profusely for thinking of me. She bounced on the couch and told me she had saw it and thought of me immediately. 

(At that point I was still calm.)

I read her sweet card and then carefully began unwrapping the gift. That is until I saw the first part of what the gift was and then went ape shat...literally.


I had actually seen this book at the airport coming back from New Jersey. I straight up beelined for that darn thing and then sat their pawing it through the window. 

Meli had read back through my posts and found hints and whispers about my obsession love for Oprah. I just about died from all the excitement. Hell, I'm still a bit winded. 

I'm really blessed to have such sweet, thoughtful, and might I add generous people in my life. SERIOUSLY! It really meant the world to me that someone could dig deep and get to the center of my little Oprah groupie heart. 


  1. Tish, your reaction really filled my heart with joy. Enjoy.

  2. I want oneeeee....Congrats!


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