Alma mater


I'm tearing down the cubicle I've lived in for six whole years y'all!

I'll be working from home from this point on...Crazy, right? I know folks around there will miss seeing all of my beautiful Jayhawk stuff. I know I will!

There's just not enough Alma Mater reppin' going on in that piece...

It's a new chapter of big kid working. I'm terrified I'll start talking to walls and stuff. Friends, brace yourself...I could be calling on you a lot more for mid-day entertainment.


  1. How nice you won't have to commute anymore! And, I'm a great midday chat buddy! ;)

  2. From home? Did you finally freak them out too much? Will you manage to get your work done from home? This should lead to some interesting/entertaining blogs :)

  3. Lol I agree with Krys! Was it to much tooting in the work place that scared them? :)

  4. ha! No I actually chose to work from home...but as soon as I opened my mouth I started to get scared. People are telling me folks who work from home are never promoted and other hoo haw. Terrifies me, it does!

    I came in today and people were geeking. They've grown used to the cackles and tootes ;)


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